William W. Whitson


Halberstadt D-II

Halberstadt D-1

(Photographs reprinted by permission of the San Diego Air and Space Museum)

The single-seat fighter, Halberstadt D-II, was redesigned and went into production in early 1916. Only eighty-five were built. With a speed of only 90mph and a ceiling of 10,000 feet, it was not competitive with more advanced Allied designs like the Nieuport 17 and was used primarily to escort reconnaissanceplanes. However, in their desperation for fighters, the German High Command assigned a few Halberstadts to fly offensive patrols withmore advanced Albatros D.Is because it was very maneuverable and strong. Indeed, the famous British flyer, McCudden said, "I have never in my experience seen a machine, under control, dive so steeply and so long."

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