William W. Whitson

Test of Battle

Test of Battle


Having the advantage of a father who served in the Air Service during World War 1, I was brought up hearing about his experiences first at Kelly Field in Texas and later in France. Because of this experience I have always had a keen interest in anything pertaining to aviation. My first exposure to Mr. Whitson's writings was when I read his third book Apprentice Warrior, was completely hooked on Mr. Whitson's writing.

I very eagerly waited for his next book, Test of Battle, and upon first reading that book almost immediately read it through a second time. If I ever felt that I had read a book, in the past, Test of Battle revealed a perfectly crafted style of writing as well as completely accurate in detail.

If a 6th star were available this is where I would put my personal recommendation. I would also note that the authors reference to clairvoyance, or intuition, very interesting. As a serving infantryman in the U. S. Marine Corps, I can recall similar experiences here to for I would have written off as pure luck.

– Thomas Tachis
Aviation Enthusiast


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