William W. Whitson

Something Glorious

Something Glorious


This book weaves history and fiction seamlessly into a gripping story.  As fictional John Harrison designs and builds his first aeroplane, the rich storyline is enhanced by the way his correspondence with supporters and competitors reveals how far those pioneers dared to stretch their slender knowledge to bring to realization the millennia of man's dreams of flight.  I believe that the author has struck a suitable balance between history and fiction and John Harrison's involvement adds a richness and some necessary technical specifics to the story in an acceptable way."

 ~ Albert P. Clark, Lt. Gen. USAF (Ret.)
Former Superintendent, USAF Academy

If you want a fascinating mixture of real and fictional characters to lead you through the network of people and events who figured in the birth of powered flight, this is the book to read.  The reader will finish this volume with an appetite to see what is coming next.

~ Col. James W. Barnett
Nuclear Physicist and Engineer

This tale of overwhelming ambitions, an authentic drama of "something glorious," is difficult to put down because the characters reveal new levels of identity chapter by chapter... all the way to a very satisfying ending.

~ Dr. Marshall Heyman
Director, Behavioral Assessment Center


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