William W. Whitson


Something GloriousSomething Glorious


The first book of the Born for Flight series revolves about a young man and his family who are intimately involved in the race to be the "first to fly" in a powered flying machine. This historical novel develops a rich picture of the United States at the turn of the 20th century, with its explosion of technology and industry and the associated politicians and tycoons such as Theodore Roosevelt, Morgan, Vanderbilt and Astor. The history of the beginnings of aviation is the big story it offers. We are plunged into the middle of the exciting effort to achieve "first flight," culminating millennia of man's dreams of flight. With the interjection of the Harrison family into the story, the author strikes a suitable balance between history and fiction. John Harrison, in his quest for doing "something glorious" becomes embroiled in the race for first flight. His upbringing does not prepare him for the conflicts he faces with his wife, Maggie, over their psychically gifted son, David, who is torn between the two worlds of his parents -- the practicality of his engineer father and the gender world of his sensitive mother.

This novel sets the stage for young David's important involvement in the flying game in the follow-on volumes. One can sense that David will emerge as a significant figure as a pilot, and that the reconciliation between John and Maggie, on which this volume closes, will mark a new direction of John's efforts to do "something glorious" with his life.